About us

If you want the best, you are in the right place! We are a family-run business who put our heart and soul into bringing you only the best cars. All thoroughly pre-checked and bought with you in mind, delivering the most exciting spec levels and desirable colours, not your run of the mill automobiles!

For me, it all started in 1997 when I took the leap and started Jack Reid Cars. After just starting my family, opening my own business felt like a mammoth task but I found that it gave me the drive and passion to help build what Jack Reid Cars has become today, something that I am very proud of and still have the same passion for. With a few years of looking after every aspect of the business from buying, cleaning to selling, I was able to bring on more staff including the introduction of my younger brother, Adam, in 2005 who is still working alongside me as general manager and has been working through various roles in the business.

After being based in Carrickfergus for many years, we outgrew our previous site on Dromore Road and when the chance came up to move into our current site on Belfast Road, Whitehead, it was the perfect chance to continue a fantastic car heritage that site already commanded. This site started as a Munster Simms petrol station through the 1960s and would become a SEAT car dealership through the 1970s and of course known for VW with Curran Car Sales. The site has more than doubled in size since Jack Reid Cars started trading here in 2010 and each year I am proud to say I have been able to recruit more staff including my son, Jack Jnr, who is now working as one of our top salespeople.

In my years of working in this industry, I have learned by listening to the most important people, my customers. What they have told me is that they want a quality car that they can trust and want back-up if something does go wrong. Based on these principles, I select each car myself and if it does not meet my standards it will not be sold with my name on it. Within the motor trade there is a grading system called the NAMA grading system which scores a car’s condition from 1 to 5, with 5 being the worst grade. My belief is you cannot make a grade 5 car a grade 1 car, so I stick to grade 1 and 2 cars to make sure I am only offering clean condition cars and excellent service histories on the cars I sell.

Supplying the right car is not enough in this very competitive industry. I believe that when you are here you should be given the time and the information to help make the right decision for you. Not forcing customers into expensive insurance products but instead informing them fairly of their options is something I have instilled into my staff, so I am confident that you will leave us happy. I have also been able to use my experience to perfect a warranty package that serves the customer and not like some insurance-backed warranty products which are a profit-making cover that excludes the most important and common components. With an excellent warranty offering HUGE cover including recovery available on all our cars, I am proud to deliver such a unique and unrivalled warranty for my customers.

I have designed everything we do around our customer, including 7 days a week opening hours as I appreciate that people have a busy life and being able to take a little more time over a big decision is essential. Thank you for visiting our website. If you need any assistance, please get in touch or call in and see what we can do for you.